User Guidance

  1. Fill out the “self-assessment”. The result from the assessment is an indicator of your approval chances and helps you to decide whether it is worth the effort to apply.
  2. Identify a CDM consultant from the “CDM consultancy register” to manage your CDM project registration.
  3. Click on the icon “loan application form” to the left.
  4. Sign up.
  5. When signed up you will get a password that allows you to re-access the loan application whenever you need to change or add/remove information until you submit the loan application. Hence you do not have to provide all the required information at one time.
  6. When the application is submitted it is not possible to make any changes.

The assessment of the loan application will take into consideration:

The coherency of the provided information

The methodology, scale of the project, technology and emission reductions are all co-related and the coherency among these is essential in the assessment of the loan applications.

The financial viability of the project

It is an advantage to provide detailed information on the financial viability of the project.

Other relevant documents in the application

The submission of other relevant documents will improve the transparency of the loan applications and hence the probability of approval