Libra CDM Investment & Management Co.,Ltd

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Asia & the Pacific
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Kevin Zhong
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Libra CDM was founded in June 2008 and was initially focusing its business activity in CDM consultancy. So far, Libra has registered 38 CDM projects, of which 21 Wind projects; 9 Hydro projects; 7 Methane Avoidance projects and 1 Solar project. With EU’s discontinuation of purchase for CERs from Post12 registered projects (Excluding LDC countries), we see a big shrink in demand for our consultancy services. Thus Libra has decided to shift its core business focus to project investment/operation/management with the help of CDM in LDC countries. LDCs in Southeast Asia (such as Myanmar, Cambodian and Laos) are our key focus due to the good presence of Chinese business activity.
Expertise in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents within the following technologies: 
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More than 3 years