Carbon Clear

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Asia & the Pacific
Middle East
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United Kingdom
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Olivier Levallois
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I have been working on project-based mechanism over the past 5 years, on the regulated and voluntary carbon markets. On the top of the PDD uploaded I have carried out the follozing missions: - For a major tobacco company, assessment of the potential of a switching from non-renewable biomass to agricultural crop residues with methodology AMS.I.E. “Switch from Non-Renewable Biomass for Thermal Applications by the User” v.4. Assessment of several methodologies. Computation of potential emission. - For a geothermal power plant developed by an independent project producer, under the Verified Carbon Standard and using the UNFCCC AMS-I.D “Grid connected renewable electricity generation” - v17: Assessment of the project eligibility, Supervision of project documentation: PIN, GS Passport, PDD reduction and recommendation. - For a chromium factory, valuation of the greenhouse gas emission reduction in the heat recovery as Gold Standard project using the UNFCCC methodology AMS-III.Q “Waste energy recovery (gas/heat/pressure) projects”: Supervision of project documentation: PIN, GS Passport, PDD; Selection of a Third party auditor. - Contracted by the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) hosting the Designated National Authority and in collaboration with the Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority: Use of the “Tool to calculate the emission factor of an electrical system” – v. 2.2; Review of relevant data of Rwanda electricity generation and distribution systems, design of an Excel spreadsheet, training material; Training session on carbon finance, GEF and GHG emission reduction potential of Rwanda to Rwanda authorities and institutions; Drafting of report on 2010 GEF calculation training and calculation. - Contracted by the French Cooperation Agency: technical review of project documentation for a GS CDM rural biogas programme. Under the UNFCCC methodologies AMS-I.I “Biogas/biomass thermal applications for households/small users” – v.2 and AMS-III.R “Methane recovery in agricultural activities at household/small farm level” – v.2; Technical review of the Project of Activity Development Document (PoA-DD); Technical review of the CDM Programme of Activity Design Document template and first project (CDM CPA-DD) ( - Financed by the French Ministry of Finance: Clean Development Mechanism feasibility and eligibility study. Analysis of: Additionality; Host country capability; Comparative analysis; Simulation of Certified Emission Reduction; Forecast of CER price evolution; Drafting of final report. - Financed by the French Ministry of Finance: assessment of carbon footprint of various wastewater and sludge treatment technologies. Eligibility to CDM: Carbon footprint assessment through CDM methodologies and computation methods; Assessment of different wastewater treatment and sludge treatment (treatment, disposal) alternatives; Supervision of WWTP 1 expert - Feasibility study on SF6 emission reduction projects as Joint Implementation (JI) using methodology AM0035 - “SF6 Emission Reductions in Electrical Grids”: Assessment of emission reductions; Assessment of project timing and prior consideration; Assessment of existing methodologies; Financial analysis (additionality); Recommendation; Supervising the development of a new Joint Implementation methodology for reducing SF6 in switchgear during maintenance - Development of Project Idea Notes for several projects: Supervising the development of 4 Project Design Documents for small scale hydropower plants using methodology AMS-I-D - “Grid connected renewable electricity generation”; Drafting of prior consideration notes; Drafting of non-disclosure agreements, Memorandum of Understanding and contracts with project owners and sub-contractors - etc.
Expertise in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents within the following technologies: 
EE households
Methane avoidance
Years of experience in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents: 
More than 3 years